Marianne Bemister


Marianne Bemister is the Founder, Owner, and Head Trainer at BEAT Fitness. She first opened her doors towards the end of 2017 and was driven to do so through her love of fitness and helping others achieve their goals. 


Marianne's life has revolved around fitness since the young age of 9. She participated in gymnastics at that age and always remembered her coaches saying, "in order to be a good athlete, you have to be fit, you have to be strong, you have to be mobile in order to prevent injury." Those words stuck with her and she started training outside of the gym, lifting weights with her father in order to stay in peak condition and become the best athlete she could.


Marianne coached throughout high school, which lead her to pursue a Bachelor's degree in Physical Education Teaching from Keene State College in New Hampshire. She continued coaching after graduating and received multiple certifications that include: USA Olympic Lifting Certification, Aerobics Certification from AFAA, Kettlebell Certification, Health Coaching Certification, and is CPR and First Aid certified. She has also held for many years a certification from USAA Gymnastics. 


Marianne wants everyone who works out at BEAT Fitness to not just feel like a number, but feel like part of a family. She wants anybody who asks about BEAT Fitness to know that she did not start this business to make money, she started this business because she saw there was a need for people to have a positive experience in their day and for people to feel like they were a part of a community inside the walls of BEAT Fitness. 

Joseph Zollo

VP/Director of Marketing

Joe Zollo is the Vice President and Director of Marketing at BEAT Fitness. He joined BEAT Fitness in November of 2018 to help them grow their reach and help people achieve their fitness goals.


Joe has grown up being an athlete his entire life, starting at the age of 4 when he first participated in recreational basketball and began playing Tee Ball. He played everything under the sun that did not involve skates or a stick and has traveled the country ranking in the Top 20 for his age division in flag football. Throughout high school, Joe was a 3-year varsity volleyball player, playing the positions of Outside Hitter, Right Side Hitter, and Setter. He was an All-star and All-state mention at setter in his senior year.


Joe's sports background lead him to attend college at Full Sail University in Winter Park, FL, receiving his Bachelor's of Science in Sports Marketing and Media. Throughout his time at Full Sail, Joe completed multiple internships with professional sports organizations and started his own company, Die Hard Sports Radio. He coached multiple age divisions of flag football and now continues his coaching career at his former high school, Windham High School, as the Girls Freshman Volleyball Coach. 

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